• What is The Best of Drums Alive Reloaded?

    The Best of Drums Alive Reloaded CD carries on from our best selling Best of Drums Alive CD. Our Reloaded CD provides new and exciting music that will keep your classes excited and ready to drum!

  • What is included?

    The Best of Drums Alive reloaded features 20 songs hand picked by our Founder and CEO, Carrie Ekins. See track list below

  • Bonus!

    As a bonus for purchasing the Best of Drums Alive reloaded CD, you will also receive access to a choreography for one of the songs on the CD. Scream and Shout. Created and performed by Drums Alive creator and CEO, Carrie Ekins!


Music may not be appropriate for all audiences

Please carefully review the music included in the Best of Drums Alive Reloaded to ensure the songs are appropriate for you and your audience.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    Scream & Shout Choreography

    • Scream and Shout



  • Knock On Wood

  • Ritmo de la Noche

  • Dance

  • Waka Waka

  • Helele

  • Give It Up

  • Levels

  • Rise

  • I Got A Feeling

  • Higher Love

  • Sweet Freedom

  • Wake Me Up

  • Dimito

  • Walk This Way

  • Samb-Adagio

  • My Feelings

  • Scream & Shout

  • Played Alive

  • Magic

  • Shake You Down