This DOWNLOADABLE manual provides you with the information you need to safely and effectively lead a DRUMS ALIVE DRUMBATA class and provides choreography notes for all the routines in the DRUMS ALIVE DRUMBATA DVD.

  • power packed

    The DRUMS ALIVE DRUMBATA DVD is a power packed workout that combines HIIT training combined with the passion and energy of Drums Alive®. It is a cutting edge fitness program that was designed to seamlessly blend the worlds of TABATA training with the power and passion of the Drums Alive® programs. DRUMS ALIVE DRUMBATA is the perfect combination to get fit, burn fat and tone the entire body while striving to improve balance, coordination and neuromuscular health.

  • Focus points

    The Focus points of this DVD are training for cardiovascular and strength endurance, balance and coordination and rhythm-exercises from the Drums Alive® concepts which provide special training for the brain especially connecting the right and left brain hemisphere.

Course curriculum

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    DRUMBATA Manual and Choreography notes

    • Manual PDF


This is a DOWNLOADABLE PDF.  The manual will be available for download when we confirm your payment.  You can download your manual two ways: